How to Choose the Best Low Flow Shower Head

 When you are looking for a new low flow shower head, you have several options. Most times price is not always the main factor that determines thequality level of the product their other factors that need to be considered critically.

Seven things aside from price to consider when purchasing low flow shower head

Pressure compensation technology

Many new models are built into the pressure compensating components, so no matter how the water pressure is – from 20 psi to 80 or 90 psi are gallon per minute, and the shower is very consistent. Because the pressure of the water varies according to the building and the area, this is a very important factor
Though if you follow guides that you can find on

Full face spray pattern

Pattern spraying is the main factor in determining the shower. We found that people tend to prefer full-face sprays with several nozzles covering the entire surface of the shower head. It spread the water and prevent it from sting your skin, which is prone to many proven and cheaper brands.


Like many customers, most clients demanded stylish showers with no higher installation costs. Fortunately, it fits in many options in decorations, including polished chrome and brass and brushed nickel. See more.

Atmospheric smoke

Shower heads produced with metal tend to clog and get worse much faster than newer rubber showerheads. Flexible nozzles can be cleaned by raising the surface with your nail with running water. This reduces maintenance time and extends the life of the device.

Uses less than 1.6 gallons per minute

The maximum permissible flow is 2.5 gym. One of the objectives of our study was to determine whether even a lower-flow shower heads (no the number available) meet their criteria. Some seem to be.


Aerating is the introduction of airflow into the water stream to increase the size of the bubbles. This gives you the feeling that there is more water than it actually is. Unfortunately, the cooling air adds hot water to maintain the same temperature. Practice (aeration) compared to energy savings (no gas). Fortunately, we have found few non-aerated models that also offer a comfortable shower.

Energy Saving

Two features that conserve energy has been observed – pressure compensating (at a higher water pressure and large-scale compressor power monitors water spray) and not aerating technologies. Others have discovered that water and energy-saving technology that separates water after heating the shower time for so long. When you are ready, take a step, pull the string and the hot shower is ready for you. Several times, when the shower is activated in the morning, wait a few minutes before reheating the water.


Most of us tend to turn the shower and do something different and then go back to the shower to see if it is hot, that wrong. We found that even though we had some number of theshower that met 4 or 5 or even 6 of the above criteria, only the low flow shower head meets all criteria. More details in site:


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