Eco Friendly Low Flow Rain Shower Heads

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Rain shower heads give the awesome effect of rain or a waterfall, in a warm and suitable temperature. When choosing your own model, keep these in mind; they should have adjustable arms, and be sure to check the size of your shower outlet pipe to make sure your new head will fit exactly. Also, the solid brass-core model will be more durable. The spray top swivel should rotate 180 degrees, and it is ideal to have a flow control mechanism (which can go from 2.5 GPM to 80 PSI) but that device is optional on a rain shower head. Having the showerhead itself is ideal enough!

There are 2 different types of a low flow shower heads, an aerating and a non-aerating. Those aerating types of low flow shower heads will mix air within the water, which tend to be favored by the consumer because these provide an even flow of water. Although the non-aerating heads are not as popular they do have the advantage of keeping the water hotter since there is no air in the device to cool it.

Most manufactures, such as Grohe and Waterpik offer at least one of this type of rain shower head in their product line and some companies, such as Moen have created all of their products to be low flow. Most low water use shower heads use about 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) as compared to a standard shower head that typically uses between 6 and 7 gpm. With less water used the hot water heater in your home won’t have to reheat as much water after a shower so the savings in water is complimented by a savings in natural gas or electricity (depending on the type of water heater). The nice thing about low flow rain shower heads that are being made today is that you can save water and energy without having to sacrifice performance. visit for additional tips.

With the growing concern for our environment “low flow” shower heads have been introduced and in some places, such as hotels, they are required by law to be used. Plumbing systems typically operate at 80 psi (pounds per square inch) and these devices are designed to restrict the flow of water yet still be able to use the same water pressure that is being delivered, the result is that they feel the same as a normal shower but uses less water. In fact, the difference in water use is about half that of a standard device, which can result in considerable water bill savings.rain shower

It is entirely possible that at some point in time all shower heads will be required to be low flow, fortunately for the consumer there is an importance on quality placed by the manufacturers and that will insure good products that will work well. Some of manufacturers we looked at had a regular and low flow version available so when shopping for one of these products if your preference is for one that is low flow be sure to make sure it is a listed specification. If there is nothing mentioned, either way, you can check the manufacturer’s web site for more detailed information. Low flow rain shower heads are relaxing and save water. This website will help you get the best rain shower heads for your home.

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