Take Back Your Shower: 4 Reasons to Replace Your Shower Head


Your shower is usually your most used item in the home, used at least twice daily unless you are a hard core bather. As expected with other things, the shower quality and functionality will reduce as it ages, giving room for a potential replacement, no matter the diligence and meticulous care given to protect them. The best we can do is prolonging their lifetime. Maybe you are no more satisfied with the services of your shower, but the cost of a total overhaul looks daunting, and then changes the rainfall showerhead to something exciting and befitting.

Outdated Style

Your shower head looks like it was modeled in the 1800, maybe you inherited the house from your parents or you bought it a long time ago and the shower was there when you parked it. It could squirt water when you needed them most for bathe and for you that was enough, no need to change them. A visit to a friend’s bathroom could change that notion; there is more to a shower than just squirting water. Maybe your budget is too tight for a full shower remodel, then replacing your low-flow shower head today with something exquisite and beautiful is the way to go.

Lackluster features

Your shower has more features to offer than the “hot” and “cold” features, you must have gotten bored by that monotony by now. Changing your rainfall shower head today, to any of the numerous stylish brands in the market that are laden with features that will wow you like multiple spray settings, adjustable height, water conservation, different and powerful massages could be the way to go. You could make your shower the most favorable spot of the home and your bathing moments, one of your best periods of the day.

Low water pressure

Bathing just became a nightmare, every thought of the slow dripping water from the shower heads even after numerous cleaning exercises makes you lose some nuts. You may have started blaming the plumber for poor water reticulation works, try changing your showerhead. The water been pumped through the pipes are not entirely pure, they contain microorganisms. These stuffs overtime build up and clog the shower head, causing it to squirt water slowly. Also, the model of your low-flow showerhead is a 1.8 GPM and you need more pressure from the shower, changing your showerhead to a 2.5 and above GPM within the state regulations is the best bet for you. These new high pressure shower head comes in various forms.

Health issues

Maybe you never thought about that, your shower head deserves some changes because of the health implications. The water delivers to our homes may be hard water with a lot of debris in it , soon your former high pressure shower head becomes clogged with bacteria and encourages growth of mould. The water from the shower now flows in drops and after each bathe your body is itchy , then a change of shower head is necessary.


No matter how much of care we give your showers, they will one day get out of shape, out of style and out of functionality. We don’t need to wait till everything is down before changing the showerheads; we should do them more frequently.

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